Anticipate what is working, what’s not, and why?
Win a mindful and critical impact on your perspective, behavior, and health.


Multi-Perspective Leadership

The Modern Leader


Cause impact for you, your business, and the world and get to results that matter.


People, Families, Communities

Your voice and actions are essential to others. Be inspirational beyond your professionalism and accountability, yet invaluable to those who see their identity in you and get encouraged to take the lead.

Growth & Long-Term Success

In formulating your mission statement, you reflect on the perspective, attitude and means with which you will achieve your competence for enabling growth and long-term success. Your mission corresponds with your leadership principles and is an overarching narrative to enable stable interdependent ecosystems and systems of relationships.

Responsibility & Sustainability

Playing a key role in shaping an organization’s direction first and foremost by placing an emphasis on doing whatever it takes to lead with responsibility. Where others fail to deliver on this scale you show clearly that a deliberately coordinated action will lead to sustainable results for all. You will be driven by facts and rigor, and this often means thinking differently on certain issues.

Integrity & Respect

Leadership offers a lesson for all of us. How to respect others' interests without selling out your own. We don’t focus on what we should say to be perceived as polite, rather than what actually needs to be said. Only when we speak truth to power do we show highest integrity and respect. And we speak for so many.

Our Mission

We believe that people with leadership competence, integrity and appreciation for others will form an extraordinary charisma. They will enable benevolent change in behavior and appreciation for fellowships as well as for nature on our planet. On this basis, better and sustained decisions are made for results that matter.

Privacy is key

Protecting and respecting your privacy and personal data is our top priority at any time. LUMINLUCID’s growth trajectory is fueled by its core corporate licenses business, while we are rejecting a data-driven business model.

Independence of LUMINLUCID

LUMINLUCID operates independently, unbiased and unimpressed by any commercial, social, political or religious influence and is non-judgmental. However, we have an unsparing view on entrepreneurship, society and general interaction which we believe will continue to change over time. The aggregation of curated knowledge by life-experienced experts and academics, whose teaching and statements are not predetermined by us but exclusively dedicated to leadership disciplines, forms the basis of our entrepreneurial sovereignty and our pursuit of quality work. This is done without interference nor influence from any outside party or sovereign, extending to big tech, social media, interest or lobby groups.

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