Begegnungen im autonomen Quadranten

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Dr. Rolf Specht

Dr. Rolf Specht has worked for many years as a trainer, coach, organizational developer and
interim manager with companies, GO’s and NGO’s and has been working for many years at the
Federal Training Center as an external leadership trainer and coach.

After studying German language and literature, theology and theater studies, Dr. Rolf
Specht concentrated on communication psychology and leadership topics and built up the management
Management College Zürich®, which offers in-house training and continuing education in management and leadership.
and leadership training.

For 30 years, Rolf Specht has specialized in supporting management teams in the systemic and systematic implementation of Operational Excellence. Even today he works in sometimes six-day weeks as an absolutely sought-after and accompanying advisor. As founder and managing partner of CO3 AG | Corporate Coaching & Consulting Rolf works as a top executive coach and trainer in management development processes focusing on change management, strategy development, communicative competence, value-focused leadership and corporate culture. In addition, he is a lecturer on management and leadership topics at several
universities, colleges and universities of applied sciences:

  • ETH Zurich (Leadership at D-MTEC)
  • University of Zurich (Didactics, Rhetoric)
  • ZHAW (Leadership)
  • HWZ (Coaching)
  • University of St. Gallen (KMU-Institute, Leadership)
  • University of Potsdam (HPI. Leadership)
  • MCI, University of Innsbruck (Organization, Culture)
  • University of Liechtenstein (Entrepreneurship)

In particular, Dr. Rolf Specht cooperates with several renowned business schools (St. Gallen Business School SGBS, Boston Business School BBS, St. Gallen Management Institute SGMI, St. Galler
Management Program SMP, Institute for Communication and Leadership IKF Lucerne.

Rolf’s teaching in the context of leadership and introspection is characterized by challenging encounters with
specialized topics and intensive work on various personal leadership competencies. The goal is to develop a more conscious and reflective leadership work, among other things through concentration, attention, value-free observation, acceptance of the actual situation. Rolf’s seminars and personal coaching in hundreds of organizations in German-speaking countries have resulted in leading organizations and successful teams.

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