We strengthen LEADERS, set valuable impulses and give structured »guidance« through curated knowledge.


We believe that leaders - when empowered to find their voice to influence, based on their values and by focusing on appreciation for their fellow human beings - will be successful in all areas of their lifes and have an exemplary impact on others.

Making that happen is our mission.


Rethink your current self-assurance. Be open to be surprised and amazed in the face of the new and different perspectives that LUMINLUCID®'s life-experienced authors teach. Gain influence on how your thinking and leading can work, how you can reflexively break your patterns. Guided by classic leadership paradigms and questions that put people at the center of action.

For leadership that is appreciative and caring.


You have an idea of the leadership skills deeply rooted in you.
We will help you unfold them.


Curated Knowledge

We make it extremely easy for you to only find topics that are helpful for you personally and in the context of your leadership. In this way, we guarantee the avoidance of long search procedures.

Bringing Leadership to Life

A diverse clientele in leadership and workforce require you to be well equipped. Develop your personality and leadership competence to cover a range of disciplines and subject areas. Specially curated content covers subject matter and targeted selection of topics, incorporating essential and differentiated aspects in leadership.

Leadership Internalization

Immersion can come when knowledge merges with personal experience and work. Rethinking, re-listening and dealing with the subject time and again makes it become part of one's own personality bound to values and actions.

Disciplines in Leadership

Crucial is the professionalism of our authors in the approach to know when, for what purpose the integration of knowledge, transfer, reflection and feedback in the life of a leader works in the right place.


Leadership is a process that emerges. The prerequisite is that time and place for this can combine, when the use of an episode becomes crucial in order to have reliable content accessible. To be equipped and prepared to discuss with others, to evaluate situations before and also while dealing with real leadership challenges.

Diagnostic Material

We sensitize you as a leader with diagnostic material to take a closer look at the discipline. To reflect, attain feedback and internalize. Pay more attention to details and observe your own ways of acting, to mature your very own experience than just following the narrative of learning faster and more efficiently. Reflect on a range of differentiated aspects and open up to your personal leadership competence.

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    Personal development enables business growth.

    Unleash potential

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    Being able to pursue many goals while staying focused.

    Create clarity

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    Personal development enables business growth.

    Use time wisely

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    Maintaining the ability to lead with passion.

    Feel vitality

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    What's going on with you affects your company.

    Embrace good rituals

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    Disagreement does not equate to dissolution.

    Tone starts at the top

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    It is the power of relationship in the interpersonal sense.

    Shaping better leaders

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