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Welcome to LUMINLUCID®, the platform that empowers you to lead. We are thrilled that you now have access and congratulate you on this opportunity.


LUMINLUCID is a German start-up.
In collaboration with luminaries from leading leadership institutes and academies in Europe and the US, we develop competency enhancing educational content. 


We keep awareness at the top of the importance of leadership. The #1 persuasive tool, even in ancient times, is repetition. Repetition makes all the difference.
We help with the perpetuation of knowledge, the practice of new habits, the shedding of old, ineffectual behaviors. 


It’s about breaking inner boundaries, like procrastination, lack of assertiveness. It is about the old habits that have become unsuitable for life and that we cannot let go of. In doing so, we focus on desirable virtues such as self-discipline, focus, appreciation, careful interaction, mindful communication, courage to confront. Put yourself in the lead. Create a permanent awareness of the need for leadership.


Please use the platform at your leisure. In any place, in very personal moments, when you review your experiences. Exactly when your mind grants objectivity to review your behaviors. When you realize or have doubts about the impact you are making, the impact you are having on your professional and personal environment.


Your personal access to LUMINLUCID has been set up for long-term use and guarantees you complete privacy. You’ll gain access to a curated curriculum typically reserved for senior-level executives.
Knowledge iLUMINizes complex systemic relationships in leadership, including psychological and economic influencers in the context of critical situations. Learn to lead yourself in the process. Allow yourself to hear non-conforming perspectives and open yourself to an activating impetus.


We encourage you to gain clarity (LUCID) for yourself.
Use LUMINLUCID as your reliable companion, reflector and impulse generator to refine your most important leadership qualities and competencies through recollection and to develop a sovereign attitude. 


On the path to becoming a sovereign leader, growth and personal transformation are essential. In addition to the pursuit of success, the true pillars of any leader are sustainable and trusting relationships that they develop and nurture. True friendships rooted in shared ambitions are more than connections; they are alliances. Together, you not only advance your company, you advance the essence of society. Grow relentlessly in your leadership position, but remember the power of collaboration and the importance of your actions. A promising future lies in leaders united by purpose and heart.


We appreciate your trust and would like to reliably support you with our work in your personal development for successful leadership. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


With best regards, good luck and best wishes for your success! 

LUMINLUCID and the entire team

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